Kaisi Aarti Hoe

153343 views | 14 Jan 2024

Presenting 'Kaisi Aarti Hoe'- A transcendental composition penned by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj in Raag Dhanasri in melodious voice of Anandmurti G. Filling the hearts with great awe and reverence, this grand mystical opus, first recited in the 16th century by Baba Nanak in praise and grandeur of the Supreme Creator at the holy precinct of Lord Jagannath Puri was later appended with Shabads of great Sants like Kabir Das, Ram Das and Bhagat Sain. The collated sacred Bani of our Revered Gurus is an unparalleled ode to the Supreme that opens through singing glories of the Divine Creator; Be it the Sun, the moon, or the stars, the entire creation is engaged in a grand and opulent lamp-lit worshipping ceremony of such Resplendent Omnipresent Existence. Listen to this sacred Aarti with utmost love and recite along, offering gratitude and devotion towards the Eternal Presence that lies at the substratum of everything that is, was and will ever be.

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