Guru Ka Darshan Dekh Dekh Jeevaan

70133 views | 12 May 2015

A mind that is full of turmoil is a mind that is always entangled in objects of the senses. Therefore it is forever seeking satisfaction and contentment in outer things, but in vain. And it is the Sadguru, the one who has transcended mind and senses who trains the mind of the seeker to turn within, teaches him to tap into the inner ocean of bliss, to experience everlasting joy and to come out of all delusion and sorrow. The beautiful shabad featured in this video, rendered soulfully by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa expresses the profound love, devotion, faith and surrender of the disciple for the beloved, the Sadguru. It has been drawn from the series of discourses held in Kanpur, 2014.

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