Marvels Of Yoga Nidra| Yoga Nidra| Youth Meditation Retreat

9377 views | 06 Jun 2011

The power of the subconscious mind is immense. It is this power we tap in Yoga Nidra, which is also called yogic sleep. In this technique of passive meditation which is done lying down in shavasana, our body and mind relax at a very deep level. This multi-level relaxation allows our mental chatter to calm down. Later in the technique, we make a resolve, which is like planting a seed in our subconscious mind. We repeat this resolve again towards the end, which is like irrigating the seed we have sown; sooner or later, this seed will sprout. We thus daily reinforce the positive change we want to bring in our life. This powerful technique works on very deep levels of mind. In this video, Gurumaa explains the way in which this method draws out our latent potentials and reserves of energy to produce the results we desire. Find out how to make your dreams a reality!

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