Words Of Wisdom For Youngsters

5321 views | 18 Jun 2011

The years of adolescence and youth can be turbulent and confusing for many youngsters. This is mainly due to hormonal secretions which cause lots of changes at the level of body and mind. Also, it is a period when children leave school and enter college; they encounter a whole new world, with considerably more freedom than before. In featured video, Anandmurti Gurumaa emphasises the importance of cultivating right discrimination and clarify our values at an early age. The company one keeps greatly influences thinking and behaviour. Negative peer pressure can be dangerous and can provoke irrational and unhealthy behaviour in youngsters, propelling their life in very negative direction. The mind is such an entity that if trained well, can benefit us greatly, but a mind which is untamed can lead us astray without we even realising it. Thus, right understanding and exposure to healthy values make youngsters aware and help them to make conscious, empowering choices in life.

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