Joy of Sharing Blood

it's not about donating,
it's about sharing blood,
it's about saving lives...

Blood Sharing Camps


One who is in dire need of blood knows its value the most, for every drop is a life-saving elixir. And no one else but you can help as there is no substitute for human blood. With a view to extend help so as to address such critical demand, we have been organizing blood sharing camps in the Ashram from time to time, under the dynamic guidance of Anandmurti Gurumaa.
In the words of the revered master, “Blood is nothing less than a miracle of nature, that it gets manufactured only in human body, and cannot be produced by any factory (even with cutting edge technology). It is such a precious gift that no riches in this world can ever cover up its scarcity. In fact it is a mysterious doing of nature that it is only and only ‘being humane’ that can cover up this scarcity because human beings can share blood. ” All this not only inspires and encourages us but evokes gratitude for the abundance which nature has gifted us with.
Inviting volunteers to come forward and share this invaluable gift of nature with their brethren in need, the master has redefined it altogether by naming it as ‘blood sharing’ rather than ‘blood donation’, for the body automatically replenishes itself of the blood shared in just 48 hours.
Since 2012, the Ashram has been conducting a Blood Sharing Camp with the support and expertise of Indian Red Cross Society, Delhi Team.
The response has been overwhelming, with enthusiastic volunteers from all over the country eagerly queuing up to participate.
You too can make a difference by ensuring your participation in the next Blood Sharing Camp. Stay connected!