Women Health Awareness Camps


Woman is the foundation of a family. Her health is of prime importance, but unfortunately it is her health which gets neglected the most in the mad rush of day to day life. What to say about their health in remote villages where hygiene and health awareness are almost non-existent. It is to reach out to such women that Free Women Health Camps are organised under the dynamic guidance of Anandmurti Gurumaa from time to time. It aims to equip them with knowledge about their personal health, give them better access to health facilities and create awareness about hygienic living along with early detection and prevention, and provide them with the necessary medication to cure their ailments.
Free Women Health Check-up & Awareness Camp is an endeavour to reach out to women in remote areas. Expert consultation is offered by two eminent gynecologists, Dr Punita Anand (MBBS, DGO) from Kanpur and Dr Shruti Singh MBBS, MD (Obs and Gynae.) from Lucknow who have been facilitating the camp by assessing the patients meticulously and making them aware about their health conditions as well as prescribing them medication to cure the ailments. In addition to this, the camp also provides the facility of getting pathological tests done on an immediate basis. Their reports are subsequently examined right away and medicines are distributed free of cost. Along with the above mentioned doctors, Dr Shruti Grover (MD), currently with the Delhi State Cancer Institute has also been volunteering in the camp. Women needing ultrasound tests are guided to the nearest hospital and the results were explained to them in detail. These tests too were sponsored by the Ashram.
This camp gives them a much-needed platform to learn more about health & hygiene management and share the same with their family and friends, thus fulfilling the ultimate objective of reaching out.