Covid Relief Program


Compassionate master Anandmurti Gurumaa urged everyone to celebrate her birthday 8th April 2020 as Corona Relief Fund Day.

The revered master has been spearheading a battle to combat the pandemic in the most holistic manner. The Rishi Chaitanya Trust has kept itself abreast of latest developments on the health front and has taken proactive steps on the issue of Covid 19.

Social Outreach

  • The compassionate master has been spreading awareness about the dos and don’ts to prevent infection constantly by being in touch with disciples through social media.
  • The master has also been watchful of the rising levels of depression and frustration in the society as a result of social distancing and home quarantine. To prevent this master has maintained a virtual connection with all the disciples with her live sessions throughout the period of the lockdown. The sessions addressed the mental well-being, besides imparting knowledge about Ayurvedic supplements to boost immunity.

A Call for Humanity

  • A call for humanity. With this call a Corona Relief Fund was prepared and charity fund was collected to be disbursed to the worst hit areas.
  • In this light a donation of 31 lakh rupees was made to the PM Care Fund.
  • A donation of 21 lakh rupees was made to the Haryana Corona Relief Fund. 
  • 2000 families supported by ration packets distribution at Amritsar, Punjab.

Disbursal of Ration Packets

  • 500 families supported by ration packets distribution through SDM, Ganaur, Haryana.
  • 1000 families supported by ration packets distribution through Shri Murlidharan at Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu.
  • 200 families supported by ration packets distrbution through Swami Vivekanand Kundil at Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu.
  • 1000 masks distributed at Ganaur, Haryana.

Building Social Power

The master inspired all to respond to the appeals made by the Prime Minister to build a circle of social power and influence. Showing the nation’s collective resolve and solidarity by lighting candles and diyas was more than a symbolic gesture. The Rishi Chaitanya Ashram too lit candles to ward off the clouds of darkness and gloom that have engulfed the nation with pandemic crisis.