Are Visions Seen During Meditation An Illlusion Or A Blessing?

3292 views | 30 May 2011

Question: Recently during my dhayana - I heard a voice, never ever heard before, addressing me with my nick name and asking me to sing a bhajan. I found myself as a little child and the bhajan was quite to me but I sang. The words used in it are so spiritual that I never heard before. Want to know as if it is merely an illusion or blessings.
Gurumaa: Well, I would call it both together. It is an illusion created in your mind and it is a blessing that you could tap into the good side of your mind. Our mind has both evil, negative, divine, godly, humanly and animalistic things in it. What is going to come out of your mind is nothing which you haven't fed it. Deep down our mind has all of these instincts within it, so sometimes in dhyana such good spiritual qualities of a poet, singer or a dancer may arise. One should enjoy that moment and one shouldn't think that there is some voice that is outside of you which came and did this magic to you.

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