Can My Diseases And Sicknesses Be Cured With Sadhana?

2188 views | 30 May 2011

Question: I suffer from many diseases ie., refluxesophagititus, sinus, sorethroat,kidneystones, immflatory bowel syndrome etc., right from age of 18. Now I am 37. Suffering since such a long time, I feel suicidal. I have been doing bhakti of God since 5 years. It is said that whatever we suffer, it is due to our past karmas. I want to know will chanting of Gurumantra, japa sadhana cure diseases? Gurumaa: The answer is no. Sorry to say, but this is a blunt answer from me. This mantra jap that you are doing at the moment is not going to take away your sickness. Sickness is happening on the level of the body, so you need to bring positive changes to your body. If you don't do that, then just by praying to God no God is going to help you bring out of bad health. So it would be better to join a proper yoga ashram and learn yoga. Please do not try to learn from the TV, because you cannot properly learn from it. I am very against this way of learning yoga. Have a very positive attitude, make good dietary changes in the food you eat, have a good regiment of yoga and pranayam, have a good mindset, and then it is possible to come out of your disease—not just by praying to god.

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