How To Overcome Pain From A Past Relationship?

4591 views | 30 May 2011

Question: I am 24 years old, doing job in Government Company. I had girlfriend who dumped me for an NRI guy, she married to that guy. I was very deeply attached to her, and still I am not able to forget her. I tried to forget her but I am not able to do that; nothing Interests me, I want to do nothing, The whole passion for life has been gone away from my life. What should I do maa? Is there any way to overcome my pain? Gurumaa: Well, nothing! Just wait for another girl to come into your life then you'll get interested in that girl and you'll forget about all of this pain you are feeling now which your ex-girlfriend has given you. I think it is not the girlfriend who has given you this pain it is yourself. You pinned down so many hopes for her, that when she left you for that rich NRI guy you felt dejected and rejected. Now you are desolate and gloomy. This is the way the mind functions emotionally; it hopes for something and if it doesn't get it, the mind feels sad, broken and frustrated. After a period of time, your mind is just going to conveniently forget everything. Maybe a , smart and beautiful girl is going to smile in your life, and you will begin to have a gala time with her. I would like to advise you to please look inwards for your joy and happiness; from within alone will you find your real joy—which isn't going to dump you for anything—because you will be the creator of your own joy.

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