Is It Wise To Make Charity To Beggars Or To An Institution Working For A Cause?

587 views | 27 Oct 2009

Question: There has been a tradition of making donations when we visit spiritual places. However my heart says that I should not be donating money even to beggars at spiritual place. I instead feel like give money to institutions such as your Ashram where I have faith that my hard earned money will be put to good use of jan-kalyan. Is my thought in the right direction, please guide. master Anandmurti Gurumaa :- True, very true Vanesh there is no need to give money to beggars. Well that has been prohibitive by law but people hardly listen & they just do it. They think by giving money at the pilgrimage places they will earn great virtues. But have they ever given thought about this that for beggars it is full time profession and there have been these cases that beggar is making more money than a government clerk. And you are just supporting someones profession. If you want to do so, fine. But I think there are better uses for money. You can help someone in the education; you may even help some charitable institutions or those who are really dedicated for the cause of peoples benefit. I dont see any logic in giving money to those beggars, who are going to use this money, may be for drinking or may be just to play around and watch cinema & have a good jolly time with your hard earned money.

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