Mysterious Impressions Of Lord Shiva On Human Body.

3931 views | 27 Oct 2009

Question: Maa pranam, today morning at 7.50 when I was going to drop my daughter Diditi to school, all of a sudden in the lift I saw three lines on her forehead. I was scared but the impression started becoming dark, it was like someone has embedded on her forehead in a second. I noticed the Ling of Lord Shiva with his Trinetra. Maa I could just click her pictures on my cell as her car had come to pick her. The impression was for the 3-4 minutes, I didnt understand what happened but I felt to be lucky, Maa please explain, what was this? master Anandmurti Gurumaa :- Dont go in such details but there are so many mysterious things happening around us, even our body functioning is a great mystery. Some time some plays are unfolding at the physical level & some times it is just our mind who wishes to see that. I will just say like this, nothing to worry.

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