It’s no secret that the human body is like a natural machine. Isn’t it a wonder, how all the vital functions in the body gets regulated much like on an automated mode? The digestive system works to assimilate various types of foods we take, the respiration is going on, the brain heart, kidneys, lungs, intestines, liver, pancreas; and all the other tissues and organs-all, function in several ways and also in a well-coordinated manner. The level of...

We are what we eat, or rather, digest. Unhealthy food can ruin health whereas good food can make it stronger. Hundreds of years ago, in Bharat, people ate mixed grains, with more of millets. Slowly things changed and now it’s just wheat and rice which is giving rise to obesity, infertility, incontinence, diabetes and many more diseases. 

Breath is life. No breath, no life! Such a vital entity, but one we are least aware of. Breathing is happening every moment and yet, are you aware of this crucial, intrinsic phenomenon? Furthermore, have you ever wondered why we have two nostrils when one was enough to inhale and exhale? There is a definite reason for this, as we shall see below.

Living beings cannot live without water. Thus irrespective of whether the body is healthy or sick, water is indispensable to all creatures, man being no exception. Ayurveda states that water consumed in appropriate quantity works as nectar to the body. On the contrary, if one drinks too much, water can be as harmful as a toxin.