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Create a space for youself. Breathe in it. Live in it. Feel the freedom.

05 Feb 2023

Even though some fear mechanism comes inbuilt through mother nature to help us remain cautious— a reflexive instinct necessary for survival, some people may have an unhealthy fear of dying or losing someone close. 

A big misconception doing the rounds is anger can be 'controlled'. However, that's far from the truth. Anger is like a fireball; it is bound to burn once out.

In a typical world, while going about the daily chores, one seldom feels the urge to delve deeper, to comprehend the true purpose of human life. However, a revolutionary change dawns when one's intellect gets refined and becomes razor-sharp by the virtue of Guru's grace and constant contemplation of what is true and what is not!

Dreams seem real while we are dreaming. While dreaming, one is totally oblivious to the waking state world. When we wake up, the very dream that seemed so real whilst dreaming, becomes unreal. But if we never woke up? What will be a dream and what will be the reality then? If our sleep continues endlessly, then dreams would become our reality. When you are in the dream world, you have absolutely no memory of the waking world and...

Anxiety comes when there is uncertainty in our life because mind is afraid of the unknown. What is known to us does not make us fearful. It is the unknown territory of the future that makes us fearful. Nobody knows what the future holds for us, and that is the main reason why many people are interested in astrology, tarot and palm readers. They want to know about their future; what will happen to them and their family. 

Everybody has fear in their life but some people are in denial and don’t accept it. It is like a stigma in our society to admit that you are feeling sad or worried. ‘You have a nice family, job and even a nice home, then why should you be sad? Are you mad?’ People will ask. But who says you can’t be sad? Our mind doesn’t require things and people to feel happy. Happiness comes from...

Mind is not just the conscious mind that you know. There are deeper layers which you are ordinarily unaware of. Whatever is happening on the superficial level of the mind, is called the conscious mind. Underneath the conscious mind, is the subconscious and unconscious mind - in Sanskrit it is called ‘chitta’. It is the storehouse of all memories and past impressions.

Emotions and memories are strong forces, such that your mind is unable to cope with them. Now, being sentimental, being emotional is generally regarded as a positive attribute by society at large. But know that being emotional means handing over your remote control to others.

Very simply, the things which last eternally will give you eternal happiness. That which is transient, changeable, that which will die, that which will recede in time, will not give you lasting happiness.

The relation between the moon and the mind has been documented by the sages of ancient times. If the moon has the power to cause low and high tides; then it can surely have a strong effect on everything else in the nature, as well as on our mind. One of the names of Lord Shiva is Chandramouleshwar, which means the one who is the Lord of the moon, the Lord of the mind, who fully comprehends the functioning...

Abhinivesha refers to the strong desire to live and implies, fear of death. The deep desire to live, binds you to the physical body; thus, creating the emotion of fear. Abhinivesha is one of the afflictions of mind. And it is also the root of all our fears, that is why as long as we have abhinivesha in the mind, we will have all other fears as well. Some people are fearful of heights. Why? Because they know that...

Thoughts are a consequence of our senses, for they are the gates through which all information enters the mind. This gathered information, then, gets processed and stored by the mind. Some goes into short term memory and some into long term memory layer. Mind absorbs everything indiscriminately; the good, the bad and the downright ugly.