To be able to meet a guru in your present life is a great fortune. Some people might take it lightly, however this is a result of past good karmas. There are millions of people on earth who have never even heard of a guru and might never meet one in this lifetime. It is the fruit of your karmas that a day comes when you start searching for a deeper meaning of your existence. Then you suddenly come across a guru or several gurus, read some of their writings or listen to their talks.

To meet a guru in this lifetime is a golden opportunity for your awakening. Do not postpone it for the next life because your guru might not take a human form again. Then what will you do? There is no dearth of sadhus, mahatmas and rishis in this world but not everybody will be your guru. Guru is the one who has the capacity and eligibility to pass on the awakening and understanding to you.

If you wish to know what are the characteristics and attributes of a guru, you can read Guru Gita which is a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It encompasses verses describing the necessity and the importance of a guru, nature and types of gurus and the relationship between a guru and a disciple. If the guru you have found possesses these attributes, if the guru is Brahman nishtha – one who has all the Vedantic knowledge and is enlightened, one who has realized one’s own Self - do not wait for another life, do not waste this precious chance because it might not come again.

What kind of work do you wish to do in this life? If you have found a true guru, then forget about the past and do not think of the future. This present moment should be the priority for the spiritual progress because the guru comes into your life with the grace of God. If you do not gain from it properly then it might be very difficult to find the guru again. Guru awakens a sincere seeker so that he or she can reach beyond the limitations of the mind. Guru inspires and guides seekers so that they can diligently work on themselves.

Be a disciple and follow a discipline. May your life be filled with light, may your intellect be illuminated, may your mind emerge from the confusion and sorrow, and may you experientially realize the real meaning of this life.