a two-day power packed workshop

One may fathom the journey inward to be the shortest, yet with the upheaval road it can be one of the most challenging paths ever taken. Every wish you desire is a ticket for the mind to go outward, but it is only the yearning and quest to explore the real Self that takes you inward. No map in the world can ever guide you to the only destination that we all have to go. Only the one who has already walked the path can correctly lead you to it. Antaryatra is your personal booklet, one which equipped with experiential guidelines and hand-on techniques to have a smooth sailing voyage to your ultimate destination.

The voyage within

This is the most peculiar journey one can ever embark upon. For, it is a journey within. The external world of objects and beings is a distraction that takes one away from one’s own self. This inner journey takes us to the destination of our real Self. But it is a long journey from ignorance to enlightenment and it needs appropriate preparation. In order to help seekers in this preparation, the master has designed this specific workshop called Antaryatra.

The multifaceted purpose

To effectuate a living for every spiritual aspirant entailing awareness in every breath, led to the inception of this purpose-built workshop. These are powerful non-residential weekend workshops, meticulously designed by the revered master to offer tools for complete wellbeing, conscious evolution and lasting transformation. Additionally, it includes a unique synthesis of yogic practices, thought-provoking interactive sessions and meditation besides myth-shattering, insightful talks to break free from delusion and bring clarity and peace. 

The unique style of learning

Conducted by sanghamitras - disciples of the master - who reach out aspirants and discuss the key problems encountered on the voyage of self-discovery. Exclusive individual focus helps all seekers irrespective of their level of seeking. Held worldwide, these workshops are a boon for busy people and thus have received an overwhelmingly positive response from participants, taking them on a joyous journey within. 

Come take a dip within!

The process of exploring the mystical metaphysical reality by imbibing the correct epistemology can be best done with the sanghamitras. Be it the precise angle to be achieved in each yoga asanas, the correct techniques for prānayāma or candid discussions about the pitfalls of the mind, the sanghamitras work in tandem with all seekers to collectively elevate to the ethereal state of I-the supreme bliss. A unique opportunity to tend to your overall well-being. Don’t believe us? Come, experience and believe!