Silent Retreat

Silence is the highest form of Meditation & Meditation is the deepest form of Silence. 

Unwind yourself with a resolve of silence. Let the inner music steadily flow, aligning with the nature's intrinsic rhythm, only to discover it is One. The substratum sustaning all sounds is a void. This void remains unplumbed and unexplored like one's own Absolute existence. Coming in touch with silence is nearing one's own true-self. Plan a rendezvous with self. Let silence pervade your life.

Escaping the constant chatter

The world we live in today is full of noise. Fast paced life entails din and chaos which robs one of peace and quietude. We have to take time off from this maddening race to be alone. Thus, people take holiday breaks in mountains, river sides, forests. But they take the noise there too – in the form of their ever-chattering minds! Quietude has to be experienced in the mind when the deafening noise of the incessant thoughts, finally stops. It is not easy for the turbulent mind has to be tamed. It needs great courage to witness the thoughts without judging them and see them slowly drift away just as clouds drift off in the sky.

Solace in Solitude

The journey of true wisdom begins with self-enquiry; and the solitude-ness brings you to face your own underlying emotions- the ones that you were completely oblivious about. Layer after layer it is peeled off just like the layers of an onion, until the point your subconscious is stark naked right in front of you. It becomes easier under the guidance of a master who is an epitome of quietude. Silent retreat gives the seeker the golden opportunity to feel the silence within.

Encountering the turbulent waters of mind

This program needs a spirit of courage and keen observance to encounter the turbulence of mind so as to descend into the depths of silence and yet, sometimes sincerity and perseverance alone will be more than sufficient and serve as the two wings of a bird, preparing you to take a leap of faith. It offers the practitioner the right setting and guidance to weed out the thoughts with patience and endurance.

Reverberating Silence

The effect of feeling the silence is immense and is something that every seeker ought to experience. Even the one who has recently initiated on the path of self-discovery will find this program to be an uplifting and startling experience. One that will take him deeper in the unexposed realms of self.