The real Self is our inmost being covered by multiple layers. It is our real ‘I’ hidden and camouflaged deep within. We see ourselves as the body. We love our body and use all our energies to make it stronger, more beautiful, agile and powerful.

The tendency of the senses is to go outward all the times. Sri Krishna says, ‘Your senses are always busy in going out to the objective world. And when you can’t obtain those objects then your mind obsesses over them. This outward driven tendency of your senses is stealing your wisdom.’

We need to understand that peace is not something which is different from us. It is not something we have to find. Our real Self is, peace. You are peace. Peace, which is distant from you cannot be called peace. Peace, in Sanskrit language, is called ‘Shanti’. We say ‘Om Shanti Shanti Shanti’. Om is your real name and Shanti means peace. The peace which is, you.

Today, a quantum physicist will agree on the statement that the whole gross world is manifested on the foundation of consciousness. A physicist will say that what we see as a building is just atoms moving at such high speed that it seems like it is still. If we go to the foundation of the building and inspect a tiny grain of sand with a microscope, there will be no sand, just atoms. The scientists are still debating whether...