The tendency of the senses is to go outward all the times. Sri Krishna says, ‘Your senses are always busy in going out to the objective world. And when you can’t obtain those objects then your mind obsesses over them. This outward driven tendency of your senses is stealing your wisdom.’

Our senses always wish to interact with the objective world with the hope of getting happiness out of it. However, this is stealing our wisdom. And when we have lost our wisdom, we are unable to move inward. How come we have lost our wisdom? Because wherever the senses go, our mind follows.

The tongue wants to eat something and immediately your mind, like an app, gives hundreds of options where to eat and what to eat. Your eyes want to watch something and your mind will give you thousands of options and then you choose. So, the mind is following your senses. The senses have become your God and the mind has become an obedient disciple. Whatever your senses demand, your mind follows. If the senses are going out into the external world, where is the chance for this mind to be quiet?

God, or whichever name you like to use, is not outside. Although it is the general belief that God resides somewhere either in heaven or at some sacred place according to one’s religion. But I wish to say that Lord is not outside of you. Lord is right within. We could also say that the ever-conscious absolute existence is the foundation of your mind. Foundation is needed for everything to exist. And the foundation of the mind is God.

The word for ‘God’ in Vedas is: ‘Parabrahman’. This Sanskrit word means ‘that which exists’. We are not saying ‘who’, because it is neither male nor female. That which exists, that which is formless, that which is ever-conscious, that which is omniscient, that which is eternal, that which is boundless, that which is absolute - for all this we can say just one word ‘Parabrahman’.

Mind is in the lap of Parabrahman and Parabrahman is ever-blissful. Now we can say how absolutely irrational our mind is. Mind is in the lap of ananda (pure bliss) and yet it is hankering for the outside world to get joy! If you don’t have sugar at home and you need it for your tea, you will go and borrow it from a neighbour. But if you have it at home, would you still go out to get it? No! So, the foundation of the mind is Parabrahman which is ever blissful. Yet the mind is going out to find happiness. So, have we not lost our wisdom?! The bliss you seek, is not without. It is within.