We need to understand that peace is not something which is different from us. It is not something we have to find. Our real Self is, peace. You are peace. Peace, which is distant from you cannot be called peace. Peace, in Sanskrit language, is called ‘Shanti’. We say ‘Om Shanti Shanti Shanti’. Om is your real name and Shanti means peace. The peace which is, you.

We can also say that as the absolute existence is blissful and as my own Self is the absolute existence; so, I am the blissful one. Once you have tasted this, once you have shaken off the ignorance away from your intellect; you will experience that you are peace. Peace is not lying far somewhere in the universe. It is not something we have to look for and attain. Peace is our real being, our real essence. Peace is who we are, but we have forgotten it. Hence, we think peace must be somewhere and we have to find it.

When someone asks: how to find inner peace; what does ‘inner’ mean? Is peace hidden somewhere in your heart or in the brain? No, peace is neither inside the body nor inside the mind! Peace is who you are. ‘Aham shanti swaroopa’ - I am the peaceful One. Until you remove the ignorance about your true Self, you will not be able to know that peace is none other than you.

You are the peace that you are searching for everywhere but never in your real Self. Like a deer runs after the smell of its own musk unaware of the fact that the fragrance is part of itself. Once you find your own Self, you will find peace. Peace is not within you, peace is YOU!