The veil of maya makes everything that is impermanent look attractive and tempting. Maya means illusion but has other meanings as well - deceit, trickery, enchantment or wickedness.

Sexual or carnal pleasures are pursued by most people. The whole act of physical intimacy takes less than five minutes but maya covers it in so many colorful veils, that people will do anything for the enjoyment of this fleeting moment. Physical intimacy is short lived. It comes with excitement followed by exhaustion and later depression. It brings emotional attachments and drama. But if one uses discriminative wisdom to see through the illusion, life will get much easier.

Sages and seers of ancient times gave due importance to this because copulative instinct comes naturally, we cannot avoid it. It is as natural to a human being as is drinking water or eating food. Even the person who rejects it, was born out of this very act. However, the main reason of this exploration was to discover the secret behind this immense power, the explosive energy that can create human life out of a smallest drop.

Sages and yogis found that one can use this very energy to enter the depths and heights of meditation by turning the flow of energy upwards. The lasting bliss and happiness that comes from meditation far transcends the fleeting moment of physical enjoyment. Many people think that meditation is happening only on mental level but real meditation will make the dormant energy dance and it will create such beautiful experiences that it will far surpass any physical act. And not only that, this experience will not bring any negative outcome, no sadness or depression. On the contrary, it will fill one with satisfaction and contentment.

Meditation is an art. Learning how to properly meditate requires diligent effort and hard work but this progressive evolvement brings satisfactory results in one’s life. When you find this magic key to happiness, you will never ever desire fruits of maya. Another thing is, that the immense energy that can procreate, when used in meditation, rejuvenates the whole physical body, making it objectively younger and stronger. It is like taking a protein shake or a booster, except it comes free, it belongs to you. It will make your body more energetic and the mind more youthful and enthusiastic. And since the mind doesn’t waste time in excessive thinking about any physical relation, it also gains more calmness and concentration.

Real celibacy starts in the mind. If the mind indulges in excessive thinking about physical intimacy, the body starts releasing certain hormones and the person will have a foul odor. It is said that bodies of sages and rishis emanate a beautiful fragrance and this fragrance comes from the purity of the mind. Purity of thoughts will reflect in the eyes and the face of a person.

Many spiritual paths give due importance to the purification of mind by practicing mantra chanting, pranayama, yoga asanas and other yogic practices. The secret of celibacy is not in suppressing but in understanding and once you understand, you will want to embark on a journey to the spiritual evolvement where there is no bondage or limitations. Only pure joy and happiness.