Language: Hindi | CD



Language: Hindi | CD

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Naiyya Mori Neeke Chaalan Laagi


Jan Jaagat Rahiyo Bhaai


Avadhoo Yukti Vichaare


Avadhoo So Jana Humka Bhaave


Gyana Ka Dhanush


Saiyaan Nikar Gaye


About the Album

Simple yet mysterious, intriguing yet revolutionary, soft yet hard-hitting, Kabir sahib’s verses are in common dialect but their esoteric meanings are way beyond common perception. They are profound. They are challenging. They are marvellous. This album is verily a great gift for all those who yearn to understand and experience the deeper realities of existence. It begins with ‘Naiyya Mori Neeke Chaalan Laagi’ depicting the continuous and gradual advancement of one’s spiritual journey. It symbolically elucidates how the spiritual pursuit of the aspirant is protected in every way; analogy is that of boat (naiyya) which keeps sailing and neither clouds, nor rain or storm can ever obstruct its momentum. This exquisite composition exalts you to the dimension wherein you feel that you are in a boat which is moving gently, taking you forward towards the destination, and there is immense benediction around.
As the boat sails forward, comes the call of the master ‘Jan Jaagat Rahiyo Bhaai’ lest you fall asleep in the dark recesses of ignorance. It emphasises how important it is to stay vigilant otherwise the thieves viz. kaam, krodha, lobh, moha, ahankar will steal away the inner treasure. It’s a warning to stay awake and keep vigil so that the mind doesn’t go astray.
Then comes ‘Avadhoo Yukti Vichaare’ explaining the deeper intricacies of Kundalini. In these cryptic verses Kabir sahib gives his own insight as to who a yogi is. And further calling such a yogi as ‘avadhoo’, a word commonly appearing in his verses, which means ‘as naked as space - not carrying anything in mind, clear and infinite.’
Next resonance is that of ‘Avadhoo So Jana Humka Bhaave’ from the heart of Kabir sahib. He says he loves the one who brings the light of wisdom to those stumbling in the dark abyss of ignorance, those who have forgotten their real home, those who are lost in the wilderness of the world. Such a one is a seer, a sage, and beloved of Kabir.
After this is the profound metaphorical expression ‘Gyana Ka Dhanush’ inciting the seeker to get the bow of wisdom and enter the battlefield of moksha; further inspiring to draw the arrow of purity onto the bow of wisdom and kill the animal called mind depicted as maya. It’s such a mesmerising verse wherein the seeker says that the master’s words have piercingly struck my heart and killed the multiple negative tendencies of desire, anger, ego...
In the end we encounter the unfathomable ‘Saiyaan Nikar Gaye’. This track is truly enigmatic. Understand it this way: Saiyaaan here is ‘jiva-atma’ (individual self) which has left the body at the time of death and the lifeless body couldn’t even fight with it or ask ‘why did you leave?’ This is just an insight to warn the listener not to get entangled in the literal meaning of these verses, as only the guidance of the realised master can unravel the essence, everything else is just a misinterpretation.