Language: Hindi/Punjabi | CD



Language: Hindi/Punjabi | CD

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Guru Ki Kripa Hai Nirali


Na Sajda Karte The Hum


Deeva Baal Ke Mita Lai Andhera


Mera Roothe Na Ji Mohan Pyara


Sun Mann Mere Saanjh Sawere


Sumiran Kar Lo Ji


Hari Ko Bhaj Le


Har Har Om


About the Album

Kripa is such a beautiful word. It signifies the compassionate grace and benediction of the master. And such is the essence of bhajans featured in this album by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. They are uplifting, inspiring and intriguing. All of them convey the profound message to value the precious gift of life and use it for the purpose it is meant for, which is to seek divinity. Yet this awakening is possible only when one has the guiding presence of the master in life.
The crest jewel of this album is the opening track 'Guru Ki Kripa Hai Nirali' which is a heartfelt expression of the infinite unconditional grace of the master, who is herself awakened and also awakens others from the delusions and bondages. When one’s life is graced with such benediction the heart is filled up with reverence & gratitude and the head bows down in love, thus says ‘Na Sajda Karte The’. Then is the melodious Punjabi track 'Diwa Baal Ke Mita Le Andhera' wherein the master lovingly chides seekers lost in the darkness of their minds to light the lamp of wisdom and see 'Ram' for themselves. She brings to light the fact how we go on looking for the Ram all around the world when he is hidden within our own heart. All we need to do is light the lamp of love and see that he is right here within us! Following this track is another playful expression of love and devotion ‘Mera Ruthe Na Jee Mohan Pyara’. Then comes the cajoling of mind with words of wisdom in ‘Sun Mann Mere’ wherein the mind is being told the ultimate purpose of human life and fleeting nature of this transitory world. Next is the revelation of the path following which the seeker can make the most of this precious opportunity of human life in ‘Sumiran Kar Lo Ji’. Reinforcing the wake-up call to immerse oneself in the divine name of the Lord before this precious life ends is the next track ‘Hari Ko Bhaj Le Prani’. As there is a perfect beginning to this album, so is the perfect ending to it with 'Har Har Om' which finally describes the blissful state of the self-realised being.