Language: Hindi/Punjabi | CD



Language: Hindi/Punjabi | CD

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Prem Se Bhar Ke


Kuch Lena Na Dena


Jo Aisi Kripa


Ye To Prem Ki Baatein


Prem nagar da rang


Jagdish Ish


Teri Yaad Mein Jab Aansoo


Saiyon Nee Main Apne Preetam


About the Album

Samarpan' means surrender. It cannot be learnt or taught but can only be experienced. And it is the path of love that inspires surrender in the heart. This musical offering presents blissful renditions of love, devotion and surrender in the mellifluous voice of revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. Each track offers an unparalleled experience. It begins with 'Prem Se Bhar Ke Dil Ki Jholi' which is poignant expression of a seeker who offers his heart filled with love and devotion at the lotus feet of the master, seeking his grace. Then is 'Kuch Lena Na Dena Magan Rehna' wherein Kabir Sahib shows the way to be free from all worries of life and be firmly devoted to the Guru. Going further comes 'Jo Aisi Kripa', an expression of gratitude and a heartfelt prayer seeking guidance, which is complemented by 'Yeh To Prem Ki Baat Hai' wherein the Gopis describe the path of love as not an easy one to follow by people who analyse love logically. Adding on to the festivity is the colour of love in ‘Prem Nagar Da Rang’, and the colour of devotion in 'Jagdish Ish Pyare' penned by Swami Brahmanand to joyfully welcome the emperor of the universe to preside over the throne of his heart. The album ends with expressions of yearning & longing in 'Teri Yaad Mein Jab Aasoon' that reflects the sweet pain of a lover lost in remembrance of the beloved, and the playful 'Saiyon Nee Main Apne Pritam Ko Manaoongi' by Swami Ramteerth who assumes a female role of a lover and tries to woo the Lord himself! Listen with love & devotion to let the surrender happen…