Bhajans by Mahatma Hari Milan & Yogini 


Language: Hindi | CD

Bhajans by Mahatma Hari Milan & Yogini 


Language: Hindi

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Santo, So Nij Des Hamara


Ganesha Stuti


Hum Panchhi Jaane Waale


Main Bawara Prem Mein


About the Album

Soul-stirring! The word aptly describes the latest offering of enthralling Bhajans exuding love and devotion. Carrying the perfect blend of Ganesha Stuti, Sant Kabir Sahib's sagacious Bani, and soulful individual compositions, each track of the album is soaked in inexplicable ecstasy and bliss, bearing the undertones of dispassion. The spell-bounding musical masterpieces carry the might to teleport a listener to the ineffable realms of stillness and tranquillity. Mahatma Hari Milan and Yogini- have rendered their finesse to the extent that it would not be a hyperbole to state that this album wonderfully captures the essence of the sublime. The opening track, 'Ganesha Stuti', is all about venerating the Lord Ganesha- The remover of sins and obstacles in the path of liberation. Another splendid piece from the enchanting collection is 'Santo, So Nij Des Hamara'- Here, Sant Kabir Sahib Ji beautifully describes one's eternal abode, where once the self gets established- there's no coming back to the ocean of emotions. Penned and vocalised by Mahatma Hari Milan, 'Main Bawara Prem Mein' is an ode to Lord Shiva. The track remarkably captures the surge of sentiments in a devout heart, perpetually absorbed in the Bhakti of Mahadeva. 'Hum Panchhi Jaane Waale' track reinstates the ultimate truth about the transient nature of this mortal frame, thus signifying the futility of forging the bonds of attachments. Revel and rejoice in these transcendental compositions, conveying the intense feelings of a devout engulfed in divine love.