Rangi Re 


Language: Hindi | CD

Rangi Re 


Language: Hindi | CD

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Kis Kaaran Jog Liya


Chalti Chakki


Nazron Se Dekh Pyaare


Peevta Naam Jo


Pyare Preet Lagi


Rangi Re Rangi


Gagan Mein Magan


Pranon Se Karte Pooja


Ram Ras Meetha Re


About the Album

Splash of divine love, devotion, surrender is what colours the heart and mind of the seeker when he encounters the master in his life. And then with sincerely following the precepts endowed by the master he moves toward realising true self. 'Rangi Re' is an exquisite cascade of divine colours that drenches all those who listen to it with an open heart. First splash is that of dispassion in ‘Kis Kaaran Jog Liya’ which brings forth the essence of renouncing the world, and then is an eye-opening call ‘Nazron Se Dekh Pyaare’ that exhorts the seeker to wake up and look through the eyes of wisdom. Splashes of divine name, pure love and devotion find expression in ‘Peevata Naam Jo’, ‘Pyaare Preet Lagi Tere Sang’ and ‘Rangi Re Rangi’. The blissful showers of ‘Gagan Mein Magan’ and ‘Prano Se Karte Pooja’ are like a crescendo that fill up the heart to the brim with love and devotion. Then is the celebrative poem of Swami Brahmananda in ‘Ram Ras Meetha Re’ which casts a spell of Lord's sweet divine name. Another vivid rendition is ‘Chalti Chakki Dekh’ that features uplifting verses by Paltu Sahib. It talks about the analogy of the grindstones which crush whatever comes in their sphere. So is every being crushed in the grindstones of desires & attachments and the only respite is the refuge of the master who shows the way to liberation. Drench yourself with these eternal splashes so that no transient splash of the world can ever lure you…