Fragrance Of Love 


Language: Hindi/Punjabi | CD

Fragrance Of Love 


Language: Hindi/Punjabi | CD

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Om Guru Om Guru


Gurudev Daya Kar Do Mujh Par


Charna Vich Laaya


Guru Paas Rahe Ya Door Rahein


Kaise Karoon Gungaan


Mera Sees Guru Charni


Gurudev Ke Brahmgyan




About the Album

Master’s touch of pure love and wisdom transforms the lives of disciples. And such a disciple’s heart is overwhelmed with immense gratitude for the master. He cannot help but sing glories and rejoice for being guided by the master. This album is one such beautiful expression of heartfelt gratitude by the loving disciples of beloved master Anandmurti Gurumaa. It shares and spreads what is in its core i.e. the fragrance of love that permeates the lives of disciples. Each track carries a varied fragrance. While it opens with the touching chant of ‘Om Guru’ backed with soft music, next is the prayer in ‘Gurudev Daya Kar Do Mujhpar’ seeking blessings of the master to purify one’s mind and heart with wisdom. Then comes the beautiful ‘Charna Vich Laya’ celebrating being at the lotus feet of the master and this very celebration gets intensified in ‘Guru Paas Rahe Ya Door Rahe’. And when one tries to describe the master who has transformed one’s life, no words help, such is the helplessness felt, which finds expression in ‘Kaise Karun Gungaan’. Such is the compassionate outpouring from the master that the disciple just bows down in surrender, wonderfully expressed in ‘Mera Sees Guru Charni’. It is the higher wisdom bestowed by the master that frees the seeker from the bondages of ignorance, thus says ‘Gurudev Ke Brahmagyana Ne’. In the end is the offering of love and devotion with ‘Guru Aarti’. Listen to let your life be filled with this eternal fragrance of love…

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