Sukhmani Sahib Ashtapadi 5 Vyakhya (Part-3)

12265 views | 27 Nov 2012

Sukhmani Sahib Vyakhya (Telecast Day - Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012) Illuminating explication of the 5th Ashtapadi of Sri Sukhmani Sahib continues today... Continuing with the enumeration of what 'mithya' entails, the revered master quotes that this is what is called an in-depth analytical approach to understand how this world is an illusion. It is further explained that the purpose of categorically mentioning about sensory pleasures, sensory objects, sense organs being mithya, instead of just simply stating that 'this world is mithya', is to not to let the ignorant ones evade the truth in any way. Encompassing the glory of simran, purificating of the mind, realising the Truth, yearning for the Lord, today's episode of Amrit Varsha kindles the spark of introspection and contemplation...

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